The Sound of Silence: Photographs, Installation, and Video by Liu Wei

Lui Wei, who graduated from the Central Academy of Art in 1995, began his artistic career as a design and painting major. However, by 2000 he had altered his artistic direction, focusing on photography and video instead. Since then Liu Wei’s many award- winning videos and photos have been displayed in numerous exhibits and at film /video festivals throughout the world.

The themes of Liu Wei's art concern the Chinese government’s communist party policies. He addresses a variety of social issues including the impact of industrialization, the welfare of the homeless, historic preservation, and health topics such as SARS and pollution, just to name a few. In addition, the average citizen’s anxiety regarding the government’s communist party policies is also addressed.

This exhibit is divided into four sections, all which feature some aspect of the June 4th, 1989 massacre on Tiananmen Square. June 4th is still a taboo topic in China today, not acknowledged by the government, and not allowed to be openly discussed by the average person. In keeping with the pervading silence surrounding this subject, Liu Wei has translated some of the victims’ names into Braille, and has added these Braille names to some of his pieces.


* 3 videos, one horizontal 15 foot photo, 12 color photos

* All I.D. Label copy on a CD

* All Interpretive Panel copy on a CD

* Sample Press Kit for publicity on a CD


* Facilities Report: Each participating institution is required to complete a Facilities Report outlining their current security system.

* Moderate Security: Limited access gallery, security supervised at all times, and/or glass/plexiglass covering art works required.

* Gallery Space: Approximately 1000-1500 square feet.

* Shipping & Insurance: Participating organization pays round trip shipping and wall-to-wall insurance.

* Availability: Three month booking period includes transportation and installation time.

* Rental Fee: $4,000.00

For more information, please contact the Asian Art Coordinating Council at
Tel: 303-329-6417