A Master of Illusions: The Contemporary Ink Paintings of Jin Sha, 2018

A New Fine Line: Contemporary Ink Painting from China, 2015

A New Attitude: Chen Man's Provocative Interpretations of Contemporary Chinese Women, 2014

It's About Relating- It's About China: Featuring Video Installations By Wang Gongxin, 2013

Capturing Space and Creating Composition: Early Work of Hong Kong Photographer Sheung Waichun (Nancy Sheung) 1914-1979, 2011

Handcrafted Form: Japanese Trandition and Techniques, 2009

Body Art, 2008-2009

The Art of the Sale, 2008

The Sound of Silence; Photos, Installation and Video by Liu Wei, 2007

China Confidential: Painting and Photos by Sheng Qi, 2007

Magic Mountains-Photography from China, 2007

The Politics of Power: Art and Images from China's Cultural Revolution, 2006

Yang Yang: Visiting Chinese Artists at the Art Students League of Denver, 2006

Japanese Design Today 100, 2005

Images of Isolation: The Art of Su Xinping, 2005

Women Exploring Symbolism through Culture: Contemporary Art by Siona Benjamin and the Mithila Folk Paintings of India, 2004

Over One Billion Served: Conceptual Photography from the People's Republic of China, Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver, 2004

Chinese Folk Art: Celebrating Popular Culture, 2003

Contemporary Japanese Quilts, 2003-2004

Transforming a Tradition: Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting by Lin Rongsheng, 2002

Avant-Garde Asian Calligraphy: Featuring the Art of Xu Bing, Wang Dongling, Chen Guangwu, Yang Yang, and Tsugio Hattori, 2002

Fragments of Nature: Innovations in Chinese Bird and Flower Painting, Featuring the Art of Gao Qian, Yu Hui, and Zhang Qing, 2001

I Desire to go to School: Photographs from the China Hope Project by Xie Hailong, 2001

Spiritual Landscapes, Satirical City Scenes: Contrasting Views of Contemporary China featuring the Art of Qiu Deshu and Wang Jinsong, 1999

The Four Seasons: A Celebration of Nature in ContemporaryJapanese Textiles, 1997-99

The Adventures of The Three Travel Weary Loafers: New Art from the People's Republic of China featuring the art of Wei Dong, Lu Peng, & Liang Changsheng, 1997-98

Mystic Dreams, Majestic Scenes: Contemporary Chinese Landscape Photography by Yu Yuntian, 1997-98

Renaissance of Realism: Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting: featuring the Work of Chao Ge & Xie Dongming, 1995

Reflections of a Changing China: Chinese Children's Art from Hunan & Fuzhou, People's Republic of China, 1995-97

Holding Up Half of the Sky
: Contemporary Women's Painting from the People's Republic of China: Xu Lele, Zhao Xiaomo, Sun Muling, 1994

Man and Earth: Contemporary Paintings from Taiwan, 1994-1995: Cheng Tsai-tung, Yu Peng, Hsu Yu-jen and Kuo Chuan-chiu

Rebellion From Within: New Art From the People's Republic of China, 1993: Zhang Ge, Jiang Zhongchao and Da Gong

Contemporary Folk Art from Southern China, 1993

Snuff Bottles from the Pamela R. Lessing Friedman Collection, 1992-1995

Beauty in Japanese Quilts, 1992-1995

In A Different Voice: Paintings by Zhang Ge,1992-1994

In Deepest China: Photos by Wang Gangfeng, 1991-1995

Contemporary Chinese Folk Art, 1991-1992

Contemporary Asian Artists Series: The Art of Sun Quan, Zhang Baibo and Wang Renmin, 1990-1991

Summoning of the Soul: Treasures from China's Tombs, 1989-1990

Shanghai in Black and White: Photos of Mark Chester, 1989

Children's Art from Hunan, 1987-93

Ethnic Costumes from China and Southeast Asia, 1987

Transcending Tradition: Contemporary Paintings from the People's Republic of China, 1987

The Chinese in the Rocky Mountain Region, 1985-1989

The Fine Art of Mass Production: Contemporary Baskets from China, 1985-87

Traditional Patterns of Japan: Designs on Textiles and Paper, 1988

Zen in the Art of Dining: An Exhibition of Kaiseki Ware, 1985

The Way of the Warrior: The Art of Japan, 1984

Contemporary Chinese Paintings from the Republic of China, 1984

A Thread Through Time: The Textiles of China, 1983

Contemporary Woodblock Prints from China, 1983

The Winds Blew East: Western Influence on Chinese Art, 1982