We are currently organizing one exhibition and are reviewing potential exhibition artists' work for:


Experimental Art in China exhibit

The art submitted for consideration must be experimental in its message and/or idea (i.e., art which demonstrates how the purpose, function, theme, and meaning of Chinese art has changed) and also be one of the following:

(1) New media (video, photography, installation, computer generated, etc)

(2) Traditional media and/or art themes historically used in Chinese art now used to create new types of art.



All Entries Must Include a Resume, Visuals (i.e., Slife, Photos, Books etc), and an Artist's Statement.

Submit entries to the following:
Email all jpeg images and English resumes to: asianartcc@yahoo.com
Email all jpeg images and Chinese resumes to: asianartcc@yahoo.com

Mail all other visuals (sides, books, photographs etc) and resumes in Chinese to the following:

  Asian Art Coordinating Council
  100 South Madison Street, Suite 6C
  Denver, Co 80209 USA