Wang Gangfeng In Deepest China

Wang Gangfeng's portraits of life have been published in his home country of China and abroad. These brilliant and emotive black and white photographs have been exhibited in Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, where he currently resides.

Born in 1956, Wang Gangfeng worked as both a farm laborer and violinist for a revolutionary orchestra. The gift of a Chinese-made camera from his sister altered the course of Gangfeng's life. Although Wang had few funds to buy camera equipment, he did study books on photography and its various techniques. By 1985, Wang was making his living as a photographer, working for local Chinese newspapers and foreign corporate publications.

Wang focuses on life in city neighborhoods and villages in the Chinese countryside. This exhibition features Wang's images of everyday lives of peasants and their villages. His unique ability to remain unobtrusive and unobserved by his subjects has enabled Wang to honestly and compassionately reveal the enduring China

In Deepest China:


* 30 Contemporary black and white photographs

* All interpretive panel on a CD

* All I.D. label copy on a CD

* Sample press kit for publicity on a CD


* Facilities Report: Each participating institution is required to complete a facilities report outlining their current security system.

* Low Security: Supervised, limited access gallery or display area, which is locked after gallery hours.

* Gallery Space: Approximately 700-1,000 square feet.

* Shipment Cost: Participating organization pays round trip shipping and wall to wall insurance. Approximate weight: 20 lbs.

* Availability: Three month booking period includes transportation and installation time.

* Rental Fee: $1,200.00

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