Julie Segraves has been the AACC curator/ executive director since 1987. Segraves received an M.A. degree in East Asian Area Studies with a major in Chinese art and language and a minor in Japanese art and language. Since that time Segraves has authored numerous publications on Asian art and organized 51 exhibitions. She has taught at Colorado Woman's College, was a professor and curator of Asian Art at the University of Colorado Museum. She also has worked as a consultant at the Denver Art Museum, The Asia Society in New York, a Foreign Expert at Peking University and The Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, and as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver. Segraves is responsible for researching and contacting all exhibit artists, working with Asian government agencies, arts organizations, or individual collectors to coordinate the exhibits, arrange for shipment, customs, installation and display of AACC exhibits.

Qing Zhang has been the graphic artist and programs assistant for the AACC since 1998, a post she assumed after working for the People's Fine Arts Publishing House in Beijing. Zhang graduated with a BA in Art from Tianjin University in China and specializes in graphic design and computer programs. Zhang also assists the director and helps coordinate exhibits from China working with individual artists and arts organizations.

The AACC also relies on several volunteers who perform general office duties. Other duties for the organization are preformed by a variety of consultants depending on the project and its budget.